In response to COVID-19, there are no in-person consults or training provided at this time.  

Please schedule a video consult here to get started:

Do you have a growing puppy?

"I'm waiting until my puppy is full grown to buy a harness."

Sound like you?

This is why the seatbelt rental program was developed, to take money out of the equation so that more puppies can get buckled up too.

Puppies are sponges for learning.  NOW, is the time to teach your dog how to ride in the car.  Don't try to undo months of bad car riding habits.  Set your pup up for success now.

3 Easy Steps

1) Set up a consult time and get your puppy fitted for a seatbelt.


2) Exchange the seatbelt for a larger size as your puppy grows.

3) When your puppy is full grown or reached the largest size you think he/she will grow, send in the rental and get a new one.

Mail the rental harness to:

Piper's Walk

Attn: Seatbelt Rental Program

P.O. Box 845 Olney, MD 20830.


  • $19 consult to get started

(typically $59)

  • $7/month


  • $50 deposit that goes towards the cost of the final seatbelt purchase

  • $39/training session as needed

*Piper's Walk will train your puppy to ride in the car properly if you need support.  

Piper's Walk is a socially-conscious small business dedicated to the safety and well-being of all dogs.

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