Is your attention-seeking dog driving you nuts?

"I can't get any work done."

Working from home isn't easy.  

There are SO many distractions, including your sweet, loving dog.

Your dog may be out of control with excitement that you are home all day to hang out with him/her. Unfortunately, as much as you LOVE your dog, you have things to do.

If you need some me-time back, Doggie Indoor Recess is the answer for you!

You and your pup need Doggie Indoor Recess

  • Doggie Indoor Recess is a 4 week program filled with exciting activities to tire out your pup, so you can get done whatever you need to do (work, laundry, cleaning, or just rest). 


  • Broken down into weekly themes, there are with 5 short videos per week for you to watch at your own pace. The videos will demonstrate a tip, skill, or activity that you can do with your dog. There’s a good mix of self-entertaining activities, as well as activities to do together.


  • Play brain games, keep your dog occupied, and have a sleepy pup.  Win-Win.

  • You love your dog.  There is no doubt about that.  You want to play with your dog all day long.


  • But, the reality is that you have responsibilities that your dog does not.  Working, cleaning, cooking...and those things are not easy with an energetic dog looking for your attention every minute of the day.


  • Doggie Indoor Recess gives you the tools to keep your dog happy and busy while you get stuff done.

Doggie Indoor Recess enables you to:

Show up BIG as a dog parent.

Be the coolest dog parent in town because your dog gets to go to play class.

Get help along the way.

Pet parenting isn't all puppies and rainbows. It's tough!  Ask questions and get support, anytime.

Bond with your dog.

Quality time with your dog matters.  A doggie class on play through targeting natural dog behaviors?   You're the best thing to ever happen to your pup. 

  • A dog needs both physical and mental exercise to tire out.  Mental exercise is called enrichment.


  • When you give a dog a puzzle, you are stimulating the mind and making your dog work! A great way to get the brains cells firing is to use food as a motivator.  When the dog really wants the delicious, tasty treat and has to figure out HOW to get it, that’s where the work begins.


  • Dogs are known for having an incredible sense of smell.  Did you know that sniffing is calming for a dog? It’s how they get information about the world.  Learning new things is fun for a pup!


Your dog learns something new.

A new puzzle, trick, or game - all super fun for a pup!

The brain gets a serious workout.

When your dog has to work hard and think about what to do, you just coached your dog through a mental marathon.

Your dog needs a nap.

Hard working brains need to rest.  Play hard, sleep well.

Program Features

Enroll your dog in the Class List or become a Teacher's Pet.  Either way, fun is on the agenda.

Runs April 27, 2020 - May 22, 2020.

Class List


  • Video library - All about food puzzles, indoor agility, cooking and tricks.  

  • Doggie Diary - your take home journal to keep track of everything your dog is doing.

  • Show n' Tell - Sharing is caring. Overview of enrichment toys worth hours of fun.

  • Paws Store - Because sometimes we just need cool stuff for school.

Teacher's Pet


Everything from the Class List PLUS:

  • "PTA" Meeting: Live Q&A with the instructor and get support from other dog parents. Share stories, ask questions.

  • Extra Tutoring: Two, 30 minute 1-1 consult time to learn a specific skill, or if you just need help teaching something from the videos.

  • Indoor Recess Party: 30 minutes of guided fun.  Meet your fellow doggie classmates online for a party with games, prizes, contests and giveaways. Time TBA in Week 4.

Enrollment for Doggie Indoor Recess is extended to April 30, 2020 at 11:59PM.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up?

    • Click on the green button that says "Sign up for Doggie Indoor Recess" anywhere on this page.  Or, click here.

  • When does the program run?

    • M-F, April 27, 2020 - May 22, 2020

  • What happens after the month is over?

    • You still have access to all of the content for as long as you want it!  It’ll never go away. Hopefully, you’ll make some friends in Doggie Indoor Recess and keep in touch with other dog parents after it is over.

    • If you need help down the road managing or teaching your dog something, just email for support!

  • I signed up.  Now what?

    • You’ll receive an email with all the details, website link, and password.  You’ll need that to log into the Doggie Indoor Recess website.

    • Each Monday, you’ll receive the “Doggie Morning Meeting” email which outlines the week’s activities and celebrates cool stuff the pups have done the week before.

    • Each Friday, you’ll receive a Show n' Tell video which highlights a really awesome enrichment toy.  The “Paws Store” will be open for you to shop on Fridays - Sundays.

    • If you signed up for the Teacher’s Pet option, you’ll receive a link each Thursday to join the Live Q&A time via Zoom at 12:30PM. Can’t attend?  Don’t worry, it will be recorded and you can watch it later.

  • Can I ask questions after I watch the videos?

    • Absolutely.  Just email  I’ll email you back and address it in the Thursday FAQ video.

  • Where do I access the videos?

    • You'll get the website link after signing up.  You’ll receive your password, and need that to sign in. 

  • Do I have to sign in to watch the videos?  Is it live, or pre-recorded?

    • The activities are pre-recorded and you’ll have to sign in to watch those.

    • Thursday’s FAQ video is live and you’ll be able to jump in to chat and ask questions there (Teacher’s Pet only)

  • What if my dog doesn’t understand what to do?

    • First, think about what you are asking your dog to do.  What is the most basic step, the very first thing he/she must do in order to get to the next step?  (This is called a task analysis). You’ve got to start simple, and build up to the end result.

    • And, email for help anytime!

  • Does Doggie Indoor Recess run on the weekends too?

    • The online “Paws Store” is open, but teachers go home for the weekend.  I’ll respond to all comments and questions when the “school” week begins again!

  • What if I don’t like it?  Can I cancel my enrollment?

    • Of course.  I hope you and your dog have a great time, but if this isn’t for you, you’ll get a full refund.  No worries.

Have a question not listed here?  Email


"A tired dog is a happy dog."

"I work hard so my dog can have a better life."

Here's what happens in Doggie Indoor Recess:

Beat boredom with Doggie Indoor Recess. Busy dogs are good dogs!

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