What's your dog's favorite food?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

How do you feel about your favorite food? Mac n' cheese is a frequent vote - that ooey, gooey, delicious warm cheesy goodness. Mmm. Makes you feel good just thinking about it, doesn't it?

If you had to go somewhere or do something that you weren't crazy about, but you knew that you would be fed mac n' cheese just for showing up, would that make it a little better? Um, yes please!

When training your dog to ride in the car (or to do anything new), you want to make it a really positive experience. So you need to find your dog's "mac n' cheese" and pair it with that new experience.

Here are some ideas for frequently loved foods:

  • cheese

  • chicken breast

  • steak

  • deli meat

  • hot dogs

Notice that store-bought, packaged training treats are NOT listed there. Keep in mind, if your treat isn't good enough, the training will not work. Your dog has to want this more than wanting to get out of the car.

Don't know what your dog likes best? Do a preference assessment!

Take 2 foods, and let your dog sniff each one.

Put one in each hand, open your hands, and see which one your dog eats first. Repeat the food your dog eats first with another food and see which one your dog goes for again. Repeat until you've found the treat that your dog just HAS TO HAVE. Drooling, barking, pawing, jumping over. You've just found the best training treat ever.

Now cut up that food into tiny pieces and you are ready to go!


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