What does "buckled up" mean to you?

Do you buckle your dog up in the car? What does that even mean?

If you Google "dog seatbelts," take a look at what comes up. Are those the Center for Pet Safety certified products? Most likely not...most likely, a product that includes a tether shows up. This is scary.

According to the crash test results from Center for Pet Safety this Fall 2019, tethers increase the risk of serious injury in a crash.

So the question becomes, does a tether, or a product with a tether, really qualify as a "dog seatbelt?"

Think about dog seatbelts as falling in one of two categories.

1) products that restrain the dog to one section of the car and prevent distracted driving.


2) products that restrain the dog to one section of the car, prevent distracted driving, and protect the dog in case of a crash.

As a pet parent, you want option 2, correct?

In order to get this, you need to demand it. Only buy Center for Pet Safety certified safety restraints, and refuse products that have not. This is the only way the industry will change. Expect products to meet high standards. Expect them to be safe. Do this, so that one day, you don't have to second guess if the dog seatbelt you are buying is going to work in a crash. You will KNOW that it will, because you have helped to put these demands in place, for the love of your 4-legged buddy.

Piper's Walk will only offer a product that has been certified by Center for Pet Safety. Standards and high expectations begin right here, so that when you say your dog is "buckled up," they truly are.


Piper's Walk is a socially-conscious small business dedicated to the safety and well-being of all dogs.

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