Rocking the stay-at-home dog parenting gig like a boss

"I just want to be a stay at home dog mom."

Have you heard that quote?

Well, whether you're a dog mom or dog dad, your wish has been granted.

Dive back to that far distant memory of getting dressed for work, grabbing your keys and seeing the sad puppy eyes as you walk out the door. Remember those days? You drove away thinking, I wish I had more time to spend with my dog.

You hired a midday dog walker who adored your furbaby, or your pup went to daycare to play with friends, for all those hours you were gone.

And now, that help is gone, and you are 100% dog parenting on your own.

Some of you might be soaking this up and loving being home with your dog all day, no sweat.

Some of you might love being home with your dog all day but are out of ideas of how to entertain your furball.

Or, you're just really struggling because truthfully, you and your dog are a hot mess.

Well, if you're struggling in any capacity, you need Doggie Indoor Recess!

With human children, when the dreaded indoor recess time occurs, teachers have to come up with a variety of awesome indoor activities to keep the kids busy during that precious 30 minute break in their day (I used to be a teacher).

Well, they better be good activities, because those 30 minutes were either spent planning for the afternoon lessons, or putting out fires. And how those 30 minutes were spent, set the tone for the rest of the day.

Dog moms and dog dads - you need Doggie Indoor Recess time. A variety of good activities to keep your dog busy so you can get the day off to the right start. Except, you have a four legged kid, so you gotta think a little differently.

See, dogs need a balance between physical exercise and mental exercise.

They play hand-in-hand to tire a dog out. So, after your morning or evening walk, it's a really good idea to give your dog some brain games, in the form of things like food puzzles and learning new tricks, just to name a couple.

What you'll get, is a more relaxed, calmer, happier dog. Also, you're going to look at your dog one day and realize what a strong bond you've established with him/her, having done these activities together. How do I know this? Because I'm living it.

I love being a dog mom. It's what I live for. But when I started working from home, I couldn't get anything done. We were living in that "hot mess" space. Crazy frustrating.

Now, it's complete balance and organized fun. And we achieved this because of a whole bunch of strategies, which put together, created "Doggie Indoor Recess."

What exactly is Doggie Indoor Recess?

It's a 4 week program, jam-packed with cool things to do with your dog, to prevent boredom and gain control over your day. It's the dog parent's guide to having fun with your dog, providing tools to help you become the best dog mom or dad possible.

Here's the top 5 features of the program:

1) Video demos of different activities to do with your dog.

Each week, 5 videos are released around a certain theme for you to watch at your own pace. It covers food puzzles, indoor agility, cooking, and tricks. Because people have busy schedules, the videos are short, no more than 5 minutes, and there are notes to help you customize the activity just for your dog.

So that's 20 new things to give your dog to do! Oh, and access to these videos forever.

2) Doggie Diary download.

You get a journal - a tracking tool, to keep notes on what your pup loved or didn't, jot down any questions you might have, or even print out pictures to paste inside like a scrapbook.

It's your dog parent's journal to look back on, years from now, and remember the vibrant experience of how you and your dog bonded during the season of the Coronavirus.

3) Live Q&A and community building.

I say all the time that dog people are the very best people in the world. That's why we need to stick together and support one another, especially throughout hard times.

Doggie Indoor Recess connects like-minded dog parents together once a week to share stories, laugh, cry, and encourage each other.

It's a place to ask questions about any aspect of dog life, whether it's getting the answers you need to get through the day, or if you just want to learn how to teach your dog a specific skill. Whatever it is, I'm here to guide and advise, as is the rest of the doggie community.

4) Show n' Tell.

What dog parent doesn't like to shop for their dog?

Right now, online shopping is the way to go. But the downside is not knowing what toys you need, what's worth the investment, or what your dog will like. After all, you can't really try it out, like you would in the store.

In Doggie Indoor Recess, you'll learn what the best enrichment toys are, different ways to use them, and special hacks that works really well to use the toy to the fullest potential. If you're going to spend $20 on a toy, it better be a really good one, and last a long time!

5) Doggie Indoor Recess Party!

It's a party for you and your dog!

In the last week of the program, you and your dog come to a Zoom video party, filled with fun activities, contests, prizes, and games.

The doggie music playlist alone, is sure to make all those tails wag with delight. It's a celebration of all your dog has learned, and a toast to you, for stepping up, and filling the role of great dog parenting. It's kudos to both of you, for the awesome bond you'll build over the weeks.

Can your dog make friends with other dogs online? Absolutely.

Connect with other dog parents and make friendships to last outside of the group. When the pandemic is over, you can get your dogs together, to meet and play.

Social distancing doesn't mean disconnecting. Doggie Indoor Recess is making sure of that!

Bottom line, Doggie Indoor Recess is about having fun with your dog.

It's about being an awesome dog parent and using your time with your pup wisely. This helps you get done what you need to, but still be present for your dog when it counts.

For more details on the program, visit

Sign up begins today, April 17, 2020 and ends on April 26, 2020.  It’s going to be such a great time, with lasting friendships and a plethora of tools to help you lead your best dog parenting life.

Let’s make the most out of the precious time we have with our pups - the future is uncertain, and it's the present moments that shape that future. Rock the dog parenting gig like a boss, and set the foundation for an incredible, unbreakable bond for years to come.

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