Kick off summer travels by buckling up (your dog that is)

The world is reopening. What do you think the new normal will be like? Will gloves and masks be the new fashion trend?

However it all plays out, there's one thing that is true. There's going to be more cars on the road. Traffic will return. And inevitably, the risk for a car collision will increase.

No matter how often your dog goes in the car or where you are going, there's a possibility of an accident the moment you get into the car.

Fender bender, minor dents, or a major collision. Is your dog safe?

As the country shifts into a new normal, I encourage you to think about your personal new normal.

Will you continue to drive your dog unrestrained in the car, or are you willing to take one extra step to buckle up your dog, so he'll be protected in case of a crash?

June 27, 2020 was the original date for the 3rd Annual Piper's Walk event (now rescheduled to August 23, 2020).

It was a day to celebrate dog seatbelt safety, get pups traveling safely, and learn about Center for Pet Safety certified products in a super fun way, kicking off summer.

The event may have been postponed, but seatbelt safety doesn't have to wait.

Let's launch into summer with a Virtual Dog Seatbelt Clinic!

What happens at a Virtual Dog Seatbelt Clinic?

The Virtual Dog Seatbelt Clinic is your moment to get 1-1 support, ask questions, and set your dog up for best success in a Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelt. It'll only take a half hour, give or take, to learn all you need to know.

30 minutes to make sure that you've got a seatbelt that has passed crash testing by Center for Pet Safety. This is important because you want to be sure that your dog is riding in something that will protect him in case of a crash, and not cause more harm than good.

30 minutes to make sure that the seatbelt is adjusted properly around your dog's body and that you know how to buckle your pup in.

But what about the directions on the package? Sure, you can follow those instructions or watch the video on the website, but why waste time, when you can get coaching through the whole process? It's one thing to read the directions, and a whole other experience to do it with your dog.

Your dog might be super cooperative, or not. Maybe you have a puppy, an over-excited dog, or anxious little one. Regardless of your dog's personality, this seatbelt clinic is the place to learn how to help your pup learn to love the seatbelt. You've got to ease into it and make it a super fun experience.

How much does it cost?

Only the price of the seatbelt!

Piper's Walk only carries the Sleepypod brand, one of the 4 brands which have passed crash testing by Center for Pet Safety. If Sleepypod doesn't work for your dog, I'll direct you to look into one of the other brands.

Sleepypod harnesses run between $80-$115, depending on size and style.

The Sleepypod carriers run between $105-$205, depending on size and style.

This is the last complimentary dog seatbelt clinic.

Starting in July, fees for the clinics and consults will return to normal.

If you're comparing the price of the Sleepypod to other seatbelts that are not certified by Center for Pet Safety (yes, I am aware that a seatbelt tether can cost as low as $5), then ask yourself -would you rather take the risk of using something that didn't yet pass crash testing by Center for Pet Safety, or would you rather pay a little more and get the safest thing out there?

An average of $100 to protect your dog in the car...well car insurance costs more than that, per month!

What if my dog doesn't like it?

I can understand how much your dog's happiness means to you. I get it, and I want your dog to be happy too.

It can be hard if your dog is used to roaming around the car and now has to stay in one spot.

That's one of the things addressed at the Dog Seatbelt Clinic - steps to help your dog learn to love the seatbelt.

For best success with a challenging dog, you've got to ease into it, and right now may be one of the best times to teach your dog to ride in a seatbelt, especially if you have the flexibility of working from home. It's all about baby steps, motivation and reinforcement. If you're all in, your dog will learn in no time. I'll tell you all about it at the clinic.

Still not sure if your dog needs one? Check out these 3 stories.


Ace used to travel in a carrier, not certified by Center for Pet Safety.

Dad thought Ace was safe.

One day, Dad slammed on the brakes. Instead of remaining in the carrier, Ace was thrown out of it.

Keep in mind, this is only slamming on the brakes, no collision of any sort. Can you imagine what would've happened if there was a crash?

This cutie now travels in a Sleepypod harness.


Vito's dad was in a car accident in which both vehicles were totaled. Luckily Vito's dad survived the accident. As fate would have it, Vito was with his mom that day.

Vito's mom told Piper's Walk: "Thank goodness they were not with him because Vito would have been right there in the front seat during that accident. The airbags could have killed him or he could have gotten thrown into (dad) and caused further injuries to them both. This lead me to further research what I could do to keep them safe in the car, they are my children and I want to protect them as much as I can."


Romi used to ride unrestrained in the car, in the front seat.

Mom decided to buckle up Romi in a Sleepypod harness so he would be safe.

That was great thinking, because unfortunately, they were in a car accident 3 months later.

Thankfully are both doing fine.

Can you imagine what would've happened if Romi hadn't been buckled up?

You might never be in a car crash, and I sure hope that you aren't!

But the unfortunate truth is that it happens. I have been in several minor accidents before the big one where I lost Piper. Luckily she wasn't in the car for these:

  • I pulled over for a fire truck to go by, and a car came flying around the corner, right into me.

  • I was at a light waiting for a left turn, and a car slammed into my bumper. She had bent down to pick up something and didn't see me.

  • I was just driving in my lane, and a car swerved into the side of my car, then continued on without a care.

It's really quite nuts.

Accidents happen. Be sure that your furbaby is safe!

Just click here to sign up for an appointment slot.

Last day to sign up in Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

There are only 8 spots left, so don't wait too long. (Plus, you've got to grab a seatbelt for the 3rd Annual Piper's Walk event so your dog can walk the talk for dog seatbelt safety!)

If you have questions, just email

See you at the Virtual Dog Seatbelt Clinic on June 27, 2020!

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