Have an anxious car rider?

Does your pup shake, whine or pace when it's time to go for a ride?

Good news - you can help your dog through the nervousness, and pretty soon he/she can go to more places with you!  Check out the video for a quick tip.  All you need is your dog's most favorite, super duper, yummy feel-good treat.  

In the car, feed your dog a bunch of those delicious feel good treats. Do this for as long as your dog can successfully tolerate, and call it a day. Repeat as often as you can throughout the week in small increments, and extend the time as your dog progresses.

Do not rush the process! Your job is to make the car a good place to be, and your dog's job is to trust that you will keep it that way. If you push it, you will lose what you've gained.

Once you've entered the driving stage, find friend to help you. Have one person drive and one person feed. Start with short trips (down the driveway and back) and extend to longer trips.

Everything is all about gradual change and creating a positive environment.

If you have a more complicated case, just contact Piper's Walk and we will connect you with detailed resources customized for your pup. Every dog can learn, and you can have a peaceful car ride.

Let us help you travel safe!


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