Bridges and Anxious Dogs

I don't like bridges. Driving over them makes me incredibly anxious that one day I might swerve off and fall into the ocean.

But, have come across several of them in this past month, and what do I do? Can't stop in the middle of traffic!

I have a strategy. Find a song on the radio that I know all the words to, and sing it. If I can't find a song quick enough, the radio turns off and I sing a nursery rhyme until I'm off the bridge.

Ridiculous, right? Well, when you feel like you're going drive off the bridge any second, whatever works, works!

Why does this work? Because singing a familiar song gives me something else to focus on. It draws my attention away from the terrifying task at hand. It is soothing and makes the bridge a little less scary.

I still don't like bridges and my knuckles become sore from the death grip I have on the steering wheel. But, it is manageable.

Many people have told me, "my dog is crazy in the car" or "my dog cries the whole way." My answer is - "you need to find the right strategy to help your pup. And I can help."

Dogs need mental stimulation, and for some, looking out the car window as the world passes by is not enough, or it's too much.

Take Whoopie for example. Whoopie cries in the car. A heartbreaking, "where are you taking me????" cry. Being in the car and watching the world through the windows is not his cup of tea. But, give him something to do in the car, and the ride becomes tolerable.

I gave Whoopie a Tux Zugoflex toy filled with frozen chicken. He continually licked at it for the whole ride! No more crying. See the before and after video here:

Behavior is communication. If your dog doesn't behave the way you want him or her to in the car, you need to figure out why, then give them a strategy to cope with it. It is freeing, liberating and builds confidence.

For years I avoided bridges like the plague. But now, I can travel to all sorts of places without the pending fear of coming across a bridge to definite doom. Because I have a strategy.

Find your dog's strategy, and you be able to take your dog more places - opening up a new world for you both!

To order a Tux Chew Toy for your dog, email to place your order, we'll get one out to your pup! Let's change your car ride.


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