A letter to Piper

June 19, 2020

Dear Piper,

Where in the world do I begin?

I hope you are happy, sprinting through fields of grass, and fetching lots of bouncy Chuck-It balls. I hope you are chasing squirrels up the trees. I hope you are swimming to your heart’s content every single day.

I hope you know what an incredible impact you’ve had and will continue to have on my life and others in the world.

You gave my life new purpose. When you were here on Earth, I lived to hang with you, my best friend. When you left, I was devastated.

But, my guardian angel, you guided me to a new purpose. To share your brave story with the world, to save lives. To make sure other people and dogs don’t go through what we did. To prevent tragic goodbyes.

More than that, you left behind life lessons.

Like how to live in the moment and soak it in for all it’s worth. To do what you love, and not what you don’t.

You taught me how food heals the body, so eat well and be healthy, but have a treat that makes the taste buds dance, every day. To try hard, and be graceful when things are hard.

Do things that bring joy. Be kind. Be real. Help others.

Up til now, the world knows you as my dog who died in a car crash. It’s because for the last 3 years, that’s all I dwelled on. It consumed me. I wanted you back.

But you, my love, knew what you were doing when you brought River into my life. A dog I never wanted to adopt but couldn’t stop myself from doing so. A dog I secretly rejected, but couldn’t because she was such a project. And somehow, she became a dog I have come to love.

You knew, that I needed River in order to remember all the good times we had. You knew, that River would help me jump back into doing all the things we did. Which I would share with the world, keeping your spirit alive.

You are much more than a dog who died in a car crash. You represent everything that is good, and all the beauty in an amazing relationship that a dog and human can share. My life goal was to have a dog to enjoy my days with. Thanks for giving me that for 6 wonderful years. I hope to teach other dog parents how to have the kind of bond we did, because it is the love of a lifetime, and the tragedy is really in missing out on that kind of love.

I teach people how to buckle up their dogs, because I don’t want their love stories to be cut short like ours was. I want people to experience the fun, adventure, and joys like we did for as long as possible. I recently started up a Doggie Indoor Recess class and have new things in the works, because those are the things we did, Pipes. We did everything together and I carry you with me every single moment I breathe.

Tomorrow marks the 3rd year I’ve been living without you by my side. I struggled for so long to find my way again. Tomorrow, I’m not going to be sad. I’m going to celebrate YOU. Celebrate the lives you’ve touched since you’ve been gone, and the love you brought into my life.

I’ll see you, in the way River is raised, in every dog that is buckled up and every dog-human bond that comes through Piper’s Walk.

Thanks my love, for giving me the world. I love you, a bushel and a peck.



Piper's Walk is a socially-conscious small business dedicated to the safety and well-being of all dogs.

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