5 Ways to Use a Snufflemat for Car Travel

Every dog needs a snufflemat.

A snufflemat provides a dog with enrichment, mental stimulation and encourages sniffing, which can tire out a dog more than physical exercise! This simple but fun tool has a sturdy base, filled with lots of fleece fringe and pockets of places to hide treats. The great thing is, humans benefit from a snufflemat just as much as dogs do. Here's a list of 5 ways you can use a snufflemat for traveling in the car.

1. Familiarize your dog with the car. Place the snufflemat with treats in it next to the car, and then in the car, allowing your dog to get comfortable with being around the vehicle. This is highly important for anxious car riders. You are teaching your dog that the car is a good place to be - and the snufflemat promotes that with food (because yummy food makes us feel happy) and relaxation, because sniffing is a calming activity.

2. Put on the Sleepypod Clickit Sport or Sleepypod Clickit Terrain harness. These harnesses are a popular "dog seatbelt." If you have a wiggle worm or an anxious dog, the snufflemat can be a huge help. Hide really good treats in the snufflemat and allow your dog to search for treats as you put the harness on your dog's body. That's it. Simple as that! Harness is on and you guys are ready for travel.

3. Use the snufflemat to keep your dog busy while putting the seatbelt through the harness. Place the snufflemat on the car's seat in front of your dog's nose to keep him/her busy while you are buckling up your pup. Your dog remains in one spot, the struggle is non-existent and time is saved.

4. Keep the snufflemat on the car's seat where you want your dog to remain during the ride, so your dog spends more time sniffing and less time trying to roam. You know how kids need to be entertained in the car, whether it's with a song, book, movie, iPad, etc? Dogs can benefit from this too. Give your dog a snufflemat in the car, and keep him/her out of trouble!

5. Put the snufflemat inside the Sleepypod carriers: Atom, Air, Mobile, and Mini, the Gen7Commuter or Gunner Kennel. Training your dog to ride in a carrier or kennel means making that carrier or kennel the most fantastic place to be where all good things happen. Think about this - if every time you get in the driver's seat, you get a piece of candy, wouldn't you like to be there? If every time your dog gets in the carrier or kennel he/she gets to play with a snufflemat filled with delicious treats, he/she will learn to love being in there in no time.

Car rides are great. But for some dogs, they need a little extra help to learn to love it. Get a snufflemat - it can be a game changer for your pup, and for you!


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