10 Cute Activities for a Terrific Dog Mama's Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner on Sunday, May 10. Do you and your dog have plans? Here's 10 cute activities you can do together to celebrate the greatest job in the world - being a dog mom.

1. Workout with your dog.

Seize the day with a workout with your dog. Need a calming morning stretch? Doga is pretty hip these days - a combination of dogs and yoga. Or, need something more intense and upbeat? Try doggie burpees!

2. Have a selfie photo shoot.

You know you've done it. How many selfies have you taken with your pup, just because? This day isn't any different. Can you get your dog to pose for the camera? Have fun with it!

3. Try out some painting.

Remember when you were a kid and you had that paint by numbers book? Check this out:


You can paint a picture of your dog, with a paint by numbers structure. Upload a picture of your pup, and get a canvas of your picture to paint, by number!

Get some finger paints, and have your dog try out paw painting on the side too.

4. Make a Dog Mama's Day wreath out of milkbones.

All you need is ribbon, milk bones, glue, cardboard and scissors.

Cut out the base for your wreath. You might want to use an upside-down bowl to trace the circle shape, and a larger bowl for the outer edge. Or, eyeball it.

Spread glue on the cardboard base and wrap the ribbon around it. Place milk bones around the wreath's base, and secure the milk bones with the ribbon.

Add a bow for decoration and a ribbon to hang it up. Don't forget to give you dog a cookie...or 3.

5. Cook up a treat - one for you and one for your pup.

Who doesn't love a good cupcake? Check out this recipe for Peanut Butter Pupcakes...if you add a little honey in it for yourself, and take off the dog bone, you may have a pretty healthy cupcake for yourself too!

6. Make friendship bracelets.

Your dog is your best friend, right? Well, why not celebrate that bond with a matching friendship bracelet and collar? You can make you own and your dog can help pick out the colors.


7. Shop for matching clothes.

Not feeling crafty? Online shopping is the thing these days. Why not treat you and your dog to some matching clothes? You know you want to.

8. Snuggle up with popcorn and a movie.

You can stream a classic like Beethoven or Homeward Bound (if you haven't seen those then you need to get on it!), or a goodie like Marley and Me. You really can't go wrong with a dog movie.

9. Have a dance party.

Turn on some music and have a dance session with your dog. No skills required. Chances are, when your dog sees you dancing, he/she will be right there with you, jumping up and wondering what is this fun thing we're doing?? If it's awkward, you're doing it right. Laugh and have a good time.

10. Go for a ride.

There's something liberating about going for a drive. No rush, just chilling out to some music with the windows down. Take your dog to a park or trail for a good, relaxing walk, or wherever your soul takes you that day. And don't forget to buckle up your pup along the way!

Whatever you do, enjoy your furbaby and have a fantastic Dog Mama's Day!

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