Annual Piper's Walk

Dog Festival

Do you believe in dog seatbelt safety?

Piper's Walk is more than just a dog festival.  

It's the beginning of a small but mighty movement to get you thinking about traveling differently with your dog.

Traveling safely - in a Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelt.

Why is this important?  Watch the video to learn about the inspiration behind it all.

Seneca Creek State Park

10 AM to 3PM

Saturday June 27, 2020

Expect to have fun and learn

Whether you have a small or big dog, puppy or senior, there is something for your furbaby to do at Piper's Walk!  Check out a little bit about what's in store:

  • Short or long hike

  • Vendors

  • Dog seatbelt micro-workshops

  • Dog seatbelt fittings

  • Dog safety jeopardy

  • Agility

  • Bobbing for hot dogs

  • Paw painting

  • Make your own pet first aid kit

  • Food

  • Music

  • So much MORE!


Piper's Walk needs your help!

A lot of planning goes into putting on this important event for the community, and there are many pieces in play on the day of the event.


Looking for 50 enthusiastic, passionate, dependable people to help put on an event that protects the pups.

Breakfast, lunch and t-shirt provided!

"I have been to both Piper Walk events and each one has gotten better and better.  It is such a dog friendly community we have and there is no other event around that compares to PW!   I will go year after year and bring my dog and human friends with me to celebrate!" -Cheryl

Piper's Walk in Action


Looking for the right dog crowd to promote your products and services?

Piper's Walk has your back.

Come exhibit at Piper's Walk to meet the most incredible people who love and care for their pups.

There are many pet parents just waiting to meet you and learn about your company!

Seneca Creek State Park

10 AM to 3PM

Saturday June 27, 2020

Ticket Info

VIP Ticket

$50 (Quantity: 24)

Online only

  • Caricature of your dog

  • Lunch (6 inch sub, chips, cookie, water bottle)

  • T-Shirt

  • Goody Bag

  • Admission to the event

  • Parking pass

General Admission


Online only

  • Lunch (6 inch sub, chips, cookie, water bottle)

  • T-Shirt

  • Goody Bag

  • Admission to the event

  • Parking pass

Admission Only

$18 online

$20 at the event

  • Admission to the event only

But there's more:

Not only do you get access to all the free activities at the event, but don't forget all the free giveaways at the vendor tables too!  Your dog is going to leave the event LOADED with things to keep him/her busy for days.

Piper's Walk is packed with things to do lots of dogs and people. That means mental stimulation, tons of fun, and a tired dog at the end of the day.

What are you going to do with all your peace and quiet after you get home???

The thing that makes Piper's Walk different than other dog events

Have an over-the-top overexcited dog or an anxious dog?

Do you dream of taking your dog to these kinds of events, but just don't know how your dog will handle it?

Piper's Walk can help you.

With each online registration, you will receive a 4 part orientation video:

1) What to expect at the walk

2) How to prepare your dog for a loud, busy environment

3) Signs that your dog needs a break

4) Things to do for your dog's best success of a good time at Piper's Walk


Quiet zones set up for dogs to take a break

Extra cooling mats, water stations and emergency high value treats

Volunteers available to watch your dog while you explore the vendor area if it becomes too much for your pup

*Important Note*

Per Seneca Creek State Park's Rules and Regulations, no sales beyond registration is permitted on site.


If you would like to purchase lunch, a T-shirt, or get a goody bag, you MUST purchase in advance ONLINE.


VIP and General Admission ticket sales close on May 31, 2020.  


Admission Only tickets close online on June 20, 2020.  


Admission Only tickets will be the only item available on site on the day of the event.

Lastly, corrective collars (including prong and shock collars) are not permitted.


Please bring your dog in a harness or standard collar.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Ready to have an inspiring, great time with your pup?

Come to the 3rd Annual Piper's Walk Dog Festival!

Sponsored by:

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Do you believe that dogs should be safe in the car?

If so, Piper's Walk needs you!

Please help put on this event that will protect and save dogs' lives.

How many lives can Piper's Walk impact in one day?

That depends on you.  




Piper's Walk is a socially-conscious small business dedicated to the safety and well-being of all dogs.

© 2020 by Piper's Walk

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