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Some things to know about the harnesses:

  • Make your purchase based on GIRTH, not weight.


  • Both harnesses have passed Center for Pet Safety's crash testing, so choose based on style, and don't worry about the safety aspect.

  • If your dog is greater than 90 lbs but fits the girth, keep in mind that something is better than nothing.  There just isn't any data out there for dogs larger than 90 lbs yet.

Sport vs. Terrain: 

  • The Sport is a great basic seatbelt.  It is lightweight and can be used as a walking harness with a top clip.

  • The Terrain has a slightly different style and is a little heavier.  It has removable patches that you can change to describe your dog (ex. therapy dog, service dog, dog in training, etc).  It works as a walking harness with a top clip, and is excellent if you have a dog that pulls.  You can add a backpack accessory for your pup to carry his own things.  In past experiences through dog seatbelt fittings, the Terrain tends to fit dogs with a more "rectangular" shaped body versus a "triangular" shaped body (broad chest and smaller belly).


Due to the unique body types of Greyhounds, Whippets, Salukis, Afghan Hounds, and Borzoi, Sleepypod harnesses may not properly fit these breeds. For an alternative solution, check out Gunner Kennels.

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Harnesses for dogs 18-90 lbs




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