Is your attention-seeking dog driving you nuts?

"I can't get any work done."

Working from home isn't easy.  

There are SO many distractions, including your sweet, loving dog.

If this is a new routine, your dog may be out of control with excitement that you are home all day to hang out with him/her.  Unfortunately, as much as you LOVE your dog, you have things to do.

If you need some me-time back, Doggy Sensory Break is the answer for you!

Get a 1 minute brain game idea, gain 3 hours of free time.

In this 6 week video series, you'll get a new brain game idea every weekday for 6 weeks.  


That's 30 things to give your dog to do.  


Can you imagine all the free time you'd have, if you could just keep your dog occupied?

For the next 6 weeks, use everyday household items to create fun, challenging, and calming games for your dog to self-entertain.  By working your dog's brain, you are not only enriching your dog's everyday life, but tiring him/her out as well.

Play brain games, keep your dog occupied, and have a sleepy pup.  Win-Win.

How it works

1) Sign Up Online.

Fill in the form below to sign up for Doggie Sensory Break.  


It's only $30 for the entire 6 weeks.  How much is free time worth?

2) Join the private Facebook group.

You'll receive an email inviting you to the Doggy Sensory Break by Piper's Walk Facebook group.  Join to connect with other dog mom and dads.  Some extra bonus videos and tips may be posted too!

3) Watch videos and enjoy free time!

Monday - Friday, you'll receive a new video each day for 6 weeks. Gather what you need for your pup, and try it out.  You'll be happily surprised as you start to see a more relaxed dog laying around the house!

Enrollment for Doggy Sensory Break closes on March 29, 2020 at 11:59PM.

Doggie Sensory Break

$30 for 6 weeks of videos!


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