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Doggie Resource Room

Helping you solve doggie problem behaviors

Does your dog do something that drives you crazy?

You want to be a great dog parent.  You got a dog to enjoy life with.  To play with.  To love.  Most of the time, your dog is great.  But yet there’s still a problem behavior which you’re struggling to manage.

You've tried classes, scoured the internet for solutions, and are still spinning in circles.

You're willing to do what it takes to help your dog listen, but you've had it and are thinking maybe your dog is just too stubborn.  Or too old to learn.  You've thought about a trainer, but aren’t really sure if it’ll make a difference.
So you walk through life stressed and overwhelmed, accepting this as your norm.
But…what if it didn’t have to be tough?  What if you found just the right tools to change your dog’s behavior for good?

What would life look like then?

You need Doggie Resource Room if...

If you’re ready for 1-on-1 help to get your dog’s problem solved, I can help. 


When you choose to join Doggie Resource Room, you don’t have to stress every time you know your dog is about to do the thing that makes you crazy.  You’ll get a roadmap outlining each step to take with your dog, so you’ll have a direct path to the behavior you want.


  • You’re tired of your dog’s behavior.


You know when your dog is about to do it.  Bark, jump, plop, pull, growl, nip, etc.  You can feel the stress build up in your body before it even happens, and aren’t sure if you’ve got enough patience to deal with it right now.  I’ll give you the strategies to manage your dog’s behavior, but also techniques for you to remain calm, find inner patience, and maintain that happy tone you know you’ve got.


  • Your dog’s behavior is interfering with your life.


You love your dog, but man, you’ve got things to do.  The barking that interrupts the Zoom meeting, the nipping that’s got you tracking blood all over the house, and the lunging that could pull your shoulder out any minute.

With Doggie Resource Room, you’ll learn the training techniques to change the behavior for good.  I’ll teach you exactly how to do it, when to use it, and what comes next.


  • You want a better relationship with your dog.


When you’re annoyed and frustrated with your dog, you’re also disconnected.  There’s no team building happening during this time.


In Doggie Resource Room, you’ll learn fun ways to bond with your dog outside of structured training sessions. 


This is essential to “seal the deal” with your dog.  The more your dog adores you, the more your dog will listen to you.  You can train to your heart’s content, but if you don’t have an incredible relationship, the new skills won’t stick.

What you get

  • A comprehensive Doggie Behavioral Assessment and Sniff It Out planning session

    This is the first step.  I’ll take a close look at your dog’s behavior, your approach to handling it, and identify the triggers.  We’ll dive deep into the reason for your dog’s behavior, what your everyday life is like together, and your desired outcomes.

  • Building a Paw-tnership plan
    I’ll take the guesswork out of what you need to do, and lay out a customized plan that’ll change your dog’s behavior. 

    We’ll break this down from the top, starting with your goal, the objectives it takes to get there, and the training strategies you’ll need to implement along the way.  It’s all centered around the idea of telling your dog, “Hey, I’ve got you.  I hear you.  I’m going to help you with this and we’re gonna do it together.”

    You’ll also get weekly 30-45 minute video coaching calls to check in, troubleshoot, and learn next steps.

  • Dog Parenting Support

    I’m here to guide you. 

    Call, email, or text with questions if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or just need a pep talk.  You’ll get access to me after hours, because I know that’s when you’re spending time with your dog.  I’ll be available Monday - Friday from 8AM until 8PM, and Sundays too. 


  • Resource Library

    It’s easy to forget what to do.  So you’ll have access to the online Resource Library where the training videos are held.  Just pop in for a refresher, and explore anything else in there you’d like.  There’ll be enrichment activities and suggestions for dog-friendly destinations to enjoy too.

  • Extra “Treats”

    I’ll be thinking of you, so you’re going to have me checking in to make sure you’re doing okay.  There’ll be bonus resources posted from time to time, planning materials and training tools to share.  I also like to send surprise gifts!

Dog parents see the difference!

Milo's Mom

 “This is absolutely incredible and I truly appreciate you taking the time to create this plan for Milo and me. This really means so much to me right now. Weirdly it makes me feel not alone in this situation.” 

Rea's Mom

“P's dedication, commitment and love for pets reflect on her work. She is an excellent communicator and teacher.  Following her advice I managed to teach my dog new things!”

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Meet your coach, P.Suanpan

You’ll be working with me, Paweenudh Suanpan

(you can just call me P). 


Dog mom, advocate, coach, teacher and relationship builder

Curious about how I train?  Just watch the video below to learn about my 3 part framework.

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I've got a few quirks that works to your advantage:

  1. I’m in tune with dog behavior. 

    With every behavior, every movement a dog makes, I observe, and think from the dog’s perspective to understand what the dog is saying, loud and clear. 

    I’ve worked with dogs all over the spectrum - overexcited, anxious, reactive…and in each dog, the end result was a calm, happy pup.

    Overexcited dogs need an outlet for their energy.  Anxious dogs need patience.  Reactive dogs are fearful.  Dogs need an incredible respect to let them set the pace for how things go.

  2. I’m a creative problem solver.

    Your problem becomes my mission.  I don’t like to see people struggle.  I believe we’re all meant to help one another out.

    One size doesn’t fit all, and I bring that to our coaching session.  I take the time to listen to what’s working, what’s not, what will fit into your lifestyle, and what won’t.  And it goes from there.

    You won’t get a cookie cutter plan.  Everything is completely customized, based on you and your dog’s life together.


  3. I‘m passionate about helping you.

    Once you’re committed to changing your dog’s behavior, I’m ALL IN.  I love working 1-1 with people - it’s where I thrive.  I believe in strong, consistent communication and a deep dedication to help where needed.

    You’ll get more than just a coach when working with me.  You’ll have someone you can rely on, call on a whim, and trust to have you and your dog’s best interest at heart.  I’m here for you.

Your investment

All of the individual pieces of Doggie Resource Room is worth well over $1000 over the span of 3 months.  If you’ve ever worked with a dog trainer, you know it can easily cost over $100/hour.


I don’t want you to break the bank, or not get the help you need because cost is an issue.  I’ve been there countless times.


That’s why the fee for Doggie Resource Room is only $499 for 3 months, or $175 per month for 3 months.


3 months, because this is the amount of time it takes to create a new habit, as long as you do the work to get there.

I don’t want you to learn the tools but not have success because you didn’t follow through.  Human nature is consistently inconsistent.  I’ll be that coach to help make sure you make it to the finish line.


There’s a lot of work involved in changing a dog’s behavior, but also a ton of fun in it.  You’ll bond with your dog over the training and activities.  Your heart will fill with joy when you see the change in your dog.  You won’t have to worry about your dog’s behavior anymore.


When you choose to join Doggie Resource Room, you’re making an investment into your relationship with your dog and your life together.  You’ll get a happier dog, and a happier you.

I’m already all in.  Are you?


This is a 3-month commitment.  I’m fully here for you during this time.  I guarantee that if you do the work, you’ll see progress. 

Depending on the severity of your dog’s behavior, it may take longer than 3 months to make a complete change (you cannot rush an anxious or reactive dog), but you should absolutely see growth.


If within the first 30 days you realize this isn’t for you, no worries.  I’ll cancel the agreement form and you’ll receive a full refund.

Next Steps

Because of the individualized attention, I only work with a few clients at a time. 


If you’d like to step forward into your new calm, problem-free life with your dog, here’s what the next steps look like:

I'm interested but have questions.

I get it.  I'd want to meet me first before diving in!  You can schedule a virtual meet & greet so we can get to know each other.

You'll have the opportunity to ask me anything, and decide from there.

I'm ready to go!

1. Click here to sign up.

2. Fill out the coaching agreement form.

3. Fill out the Doggie Behavioral Assessment.

4. Schedule the Sniff It Out planning session, and we'll go from there!