Dog Seatbelt Clinics

Need a little extra assistance figuring out the best safety restraint for your dog?

Come to a Pop-Up Dog Seatbelt Clinic to get individualized assistance!  You get:

  • Access to Center for Pet Safety CERTIFIED products

  • CUSTOMIZED fitting for your pup

  • 1-1 SUPPORT buckling your dog in the car

  • Best practices for getting your dog to LOVE the seatbelt

Offered on:

  •  May 16 & 17, 2020 at Animal Behavior Wellness Clinic in Fairfax, VA.

Call 301-337-1039 or email to make your appointment today - 30 minutes could save your dog's life!

Need a different time?  Set up a private consultation and we'll come to you!

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Piper's Walk is a socially-conscious small business dedicated to the safety of all dogs.  

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