Is your dog safe in the car?

If your dog is unrestrained in the car, then you know that he/she is not safe.

However, did you know that only 3 out of the hundreds of brands of dog car safety restraints out there have actually PASSED the crash testing by Center for Pet Safety?

"Crash tested" does not mean PASSED crash testing.

If it doesn't have the Center for Pet Safety logo on the packaging, it did not pass the test!

Brands and products that have been certified by Center for Pet Safety


Carriers: Atom, Air, Mobile, Mini

Harnesses: Sport, Terrain


Car Seat: Rocketeer Park

Gunner Kennels

Small, medium, intermediate kennels WITH anchor straps

Sponsored Crash Tests

Thanks to your generosity, Piper's Walk has raised $4100 to sponsor crash tests of various car safety restraints on the market.  Watch the results below.

Center for Pet Safety

Providing information from data and research to help pet parents make good decisions for their pets.

Your dog is counting on you.

Protect your dog in the car.




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