Carriers for Dogs Up to 17 Pounds

Read before purchasing


Choose a carrier based on weight, body type and your dog's behavior.  

  • The Atom is better for taller dogs.


  • The Air is good for those with a longer body.


  • The Mobile works great for dogs who like to curl up.

*Try it out with a snufflemat.  Put some treats in the snufflemat, and put it in the carrier.  This not only gives your dog something to do, but builds a positive association to being in the carrier.  

Buckling in the carrier

  • Pull down the shoulder belt around the carrier, and buckle it in.

  • Secure the seatbelt in the proper locations around the carrier.

  • Pull the shoulder belt out as far as it can go until it clicks.  

  • Release the seatbelt back into the reel, and let it lock up, so that the carrier is completely secure in the car.

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