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SClip - A MUST for big dogs in a Sleepypod harness.  The SClip will prevent the seatbelt from retracting too far in case your dog pulls it out all the way. The seatbelt should lock up in a crash, but should not lock up while your dog is riding in the car.  If it does, mobility will be restricted.  Dogs should be able to stand up, lay down, turn left and right. If you are purchasing a large or extra large harness, an SClip is strongly recommended.

Buckle Shield - if you have a dog who is an escape artist, then you need to take the necessary precautions to make sure that he/she doesn't unbuckle the seatbelt.  A buckle shield covers the release button, so that little paws can't step on it to release themselves. 


Terrain Pack - A fun, useful tool that gives your dog some responsibility and lightens your load!  The terrain pack connects to the Sleepypod Terrain harness only (will not work with Sleepypod Clickit Sport).  Your dog can carry his/her own water, bowl, treats, and poop bags.  There's a handle at the top in case you need to grab a hold of your pup, and removable patches that you can change to more accurately describe your dog if desired (ex. service dog, therapy dog, in training, etc.). 

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