3rd Annual


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Fred and Tina


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A walk for dog seatbelt safety

Piper's Walk is more than just a dog festival.


It's the beginning of a small but mighty movement to get you thinking about traveling differently with your dog.

Traveling safely, in a Center for Pet Safety certified seatbelt.

Why is this important?  Watch the video below to learn about the inspiration behind it all.


August 23, 2020 * 4PM-8PM

Expect to have fun and make a difference

Whether you have a small or big dog, puppy or senior, there's something for your furbaby to do at Piper's Walk!  Although it's semi-virtual this year, we're still bringing the fun.

Check out a bit about what's in store:


A message from Piper's Mom


August 23, 2020 from 4PM - 8PM

Piper's Walk is taking the energy, passion and fun of our past live events and channelling it into a semi-virtual event.  

Strict precautions and guidelines are in place to protect your health due to Covid-19.

Event Activities

  • Choose your own walk

  • Show off your buckled up dog, riding CPS certified

  • Enter the Summer Spirit contest

  • Try the Creative Agility contest

  • Participate in the dog seatbelt trivia game...win prizes!

  • Post your message of support for certified brands, and share what you want for the future of dog travel

  • Grab dinner and pick up a bag full of event goodies

  • Shop the virtual Dog Lover's Mall

  • Jam to great tunes all evening

  • Connect with the dog community via Zoom and Padlet


Register for Piper's Walk

Sponsored by:

Fred and Tina



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Featured Restaurant Partner

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Order and pick up dinner at Sisters’ Sandwiches in Olney, MD!

(for Party Pup tickets only)


August 23, 2020

4PM - 8PM

Pay with the Piper’s Walk voucher (emailed to you after registration)


Any sandwich or entrée salad, bag of chips and fountain soda


See the menu here! http://sisterssandwichesandsuch.com/the-menu/


Summer heat is tough on a dog.  How do you and your pup stay cool while still having a good time?

Sign up as a Piper's Walk Party Pup and enjoy Doggie Summer School, a 4 week video series filled with fun activities to stay safe and cool this summer, with a little basic training thrown in! ($49 value)

Runs Aug 3-28, 2020.

Week 1: Essential Summer Gear

Week 2: Water Play

Week 3: Cool Down Cooking

Week 4: Local Summer Destinations


Get Involved


Piper's Walk needs your help!

Seeking volunteers to be part of a team of passionate dog people who support dog seatbelt safety.

Help wanted with preparations and running the event.

Must enjoy the outdoors.

T-shirts and dinner will be provided!


Celebrate the end of summer with Piper's Walk!

Come have a BLAST with your dog, connect with other dog parents, and support dog seatbelt safety.

You can be part of this movement for change.

Dogs are family, and they deserve to be buckled up too.  They deserve protection in the car.  Products need to be held to top notch standards.

Do you buckle up your pup?  Help spread the word!  

Piper's Walk is a socially-conscious small business dedicated to the safety and well-being of all dogs.

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